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This is a topic of great importance because almost all of us know someone who has been diagnosed with this disease. There is a great deal of confusion on this topic put out by the mainstream establishment through the mainstream media. In this podcast we provide some clear explanations about what really causes cancer and how to avoid it.


A recent spate of stories about pet cats infecting people with tuberculosis gave us the opportunity to dispel some of the myths about this disease, which animals suffer from it and the errors in reports about its transmission.

The Power of Thought

The power of our thoughts is a topic that is often misunderstood. However the placebo effect is a recognised phenomenon and provides some useful insights into the effects of thoughts, fears and stress on our health.

Vaccination Report

Our emphasis in this podcast is to demonstrate that vaccinations are completely ineffective as well as inherently dangerous because of their toxic ingredients.

The Germ Theory Myth and more

In this podcast we explain about our research with particular reference to the germ theory, as well as exposing some of the misinformation in recent headlines on the topics of dangerous over-the-counter drugs, 'spin' in medical reporting and the dangers of psychiatric drugs.



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